What you need to know about buying Mexican Auto Insurance Online

Mexican Auto Insurance 101

A list of the absolute basics one should know before purchasing a Mexico auto insurance policy.

1. No Mexican Plated Vehicles. Clients will be purchasing a "Tourist Insurance Policy", ONLY vehicles with a US or Canadian registration are eligible. Mexican rentals are excluded for this reason.

2. Anyone is Covered to Drive the Insured's Vehicle Under this Policy, as long as they:

a. have a valid US or Canadian Drivers License,
b. are 21 years of age or older, and
c. have the permission of the owner to be driving the vehicle.

Additional drivers do not have to be listed on the policy, although up to three names can be added to the policy. Do NOT let anyone drive their vehicle that has a Mexican Drivers License, as this will void coverage.

3. Be sure to include any towed items on the policy. Anything that is being towed to Mexico with a covered vehicle that is not listed on the policy will void coverage.
Be sure towed items are listed in the "Towed Unit" section of the Mexican insurance application.

4. If you need to file a claim for any reason, be sure they file the claim in Mexico! In the unfortunate event of a Theft or Collision, it is important to call the number on the policy so an adjuster can come to the scene and make a report. If the insured returns to the US without the adjuster's report the coverage will be void.

5. Always print two copies of the policy. It's a good idea to print two copies of the Mexican auto insurance policy...keeping one in the glove box, and one at the hotel. In the event a vehicle is stolen, you will still have proof of insurance and the phone numbers needed to make a claim.

6. Check the A.M. BEST rating. If you purchase a policy at a border or roadside kiosk, chances are, their insurance information will not be available to the authorities in Mexico, like when purchased online through our web site.

GNP or Grupo Nacional Provincial has been the #1 Mexican Auto Insurance Company from 2005 to 2008 and to check their AM BEST ratings go to www.ambest.com.